Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dog Makeover



From Wikipedia: In Greek mythology, Silenus was a companion and tutor to the wine god Dionysus. He is typically older than the satyrs of the Dionysian retinue (thiasos), and sometimes considerably older, in which case he may be referred to as a Papposilenus. 

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work by Robert Delaunay - French artist 1885 -1941.

The Borowitz Report - Republicans Accuse Obama Of Treating Immigrants Like Humans

TRNN - Obama Unveils Immigration Plan, But What Will It Change?

The Drought

Obama Gets It Right

Global Warming - Weather Versus Climate


Sande Music

Saturday, November 22, 2014

World's First Solar Road



Group Of Bird Simultaneously Fly Away



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work by Jim Sande - house paint on paper roughly 3' by 4'

The Onion - Gay Man Unaware He Focus Of Thousands Of Prayers

Maddow - Energetic Response Shows Power Of Obama’s Immigration Reform Action

TRNN Replay - Do Undocumented Workers Take Jobs And Lower Wages?

From October 2010

The Drought

When California gets a little rain lately it's a newsworthy item because of the severity of the drought. Unfortunately a little is not enough. Somehow the ground waters have to be replenished.

Sacramento Bee: How this week’s rain figures in California’s drought By Matt Weiser


Global Warming - Global Inaction

NBC News: World Isn't Even Close to Stopping Global Warming: U.N.
...the study says carbon emissions will continue to soar until 2050 and by then it will be too late.

The Expected

AlterNet: 12 Crazy, Desperate, Hate-Filled Republican Reactions to Obama's Immigration Order - The GOP again shows its ugly side.
Coburn told USA Today, “The country’s going to go nuts. Because they are going to see it as a move outside of the authority of the president. And it’s going to be a very dangerous situation. You’re going to see—hopefully not—but you could see instances of anarchy.”